Business Consulting

Business Consulting

I listen more than I speak and ask excellent questions. Then I speak some more, and listen more, ask other questions. Rinse. Repeat. 
  • Sales development 
  • Business model development 
  • Strengthening corporate culture 
  • Business ecosystem development 
  • Social enterprise development

Training & Facilitation

I stand in front of people and help them learn new skills, gain insights, exchange ideas and expertise and make them laugh (in a good way). The key to learning is good conversations that have meaning to the student. I extend training on: 
  • Business development
  • Adapting to economic trends
  • Leadership
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Team building 
  • Strategy
  • Custom training 
  • Addressing workplace bullying


I've addressed audiences of 800 people on business, leadership and conflict resolution. I've even made a superstring theory and a Bosonic string theory joke and received laughs (It comes down to knowing your audience).   

Renée Gendron

Renée is a developer of professionals and a business builder. For over 10 years, Renée has been a student of the economy and larger economic trends and the challenges they pose to leaders and entrepreneurs.

She's co-founded a clean agricultural technology company, designed college courses on social entrepreneurship and is the former chair of a local community network. 

Renée's philosophy:  there is always a way to do business. 

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