Achieve Your Goals By Clearly Communicating Your Interests

Boost your self-esteem by finding your voice



Finding Your Voice




Finding Your Voice – You deserve to be heard


Section I Aspects of Communication


The activities in Section I will teach you:


  • the differences between aggressive and assertive communication
  • the importance of your inner voice
  • how to monitor your inner voice
  • take opportunities to have your voice heard





  • improved self-esteem
  • more equal relationships
  • recognise moments to participate in a conversation
  • become assertive
  • own your contributions




Section II Empathy


The exercises in this section will enable you to:


  • become comfortable with having a different emotional state than that of another person 
  • be at ease with having a different perspective than that of your colleague
  • empathise with another's thought process
  • empathise with someone else's emotional state
  • validate the other person's emotional state
  • observe the other person's perspective





  • greater emotional clarity
  • improved self-esteem
  • better relationships
  • better communication
  • less tension and frustration in teams



Section III Identifying your Needs


The activities in this section will empower you to:


  • deepen your knowledge of yourself
  • understand yourself better
  • identify your needs
  • communicate your needs




  • higher levels of self-esteem
  • knowing in advance what to ask for
  • better prepared for potentially tense conversations
  • knowing on which points to be assertive



Section IV Identifying and Communicating Your Rights


The training in this module will help you:


  • identify your rights
  • seek our appropriate support to uphold your rights
  • ensure your rights are respected
  • know what to do when your rights aren't respected




  • healthier relationships
  • more information about what you can do to protect yourself
  • knowledge of sources of help
  • better prepared for tense conversations
  • greater awareness of when rights are breached


Section V Self-Esteem


The exercises in this section will enable you to:

  • own your accomplishments
  • learn from setbacks
  • own your setbacks and move past them





  • better prepared to contribute your accomplishments in a conversation
  • communicate your talents
  • share your abilities with others
  • be recognised by others from your contributions and success
  • improve team relationships
  • build trust
  • have your rights upheld
  • have your needs addressed
  • ready to actively engage others
  • share your experiences with others
  • have your voice heard
  • improve your self-confidence



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