Going to work shouldn't mean going into an office battle-zone

Learn techniques and skills to boost your personal well-being, improve productivity, and reintroduce civility in the workplace 



Deal with the Toxicity at Work and Shift from Surviving to Thriving at Work


There is a whole range of toxic workplace behaviours that add needless stress in the workplace. Some workplaces are volatile and the stress takes a toll on the employees.


Section I Identifying Toxic Workplace Behaviour

These exercises empower you to

  • sort through your emotions
  • clarify your impressions of stressful situations
  • reduce stress by clearly understanding what you are feeling and why
  • improve your self-control over your responses



Improve your emotional and psychological clarity

  • Make better decisions
  • Learn to identify which events damage your interests and require more of your attention
  • Learn to let go that which is not important to focus on what is important


Section II  Address Anger in the Workplace.

The activities in section II help you:

  • understand different types of anger
  • better control your response to anger and frustration
  • communicate with an angry person



  • Correctly identify the toxic behaviour to take the most appropriate response
  • Maintain your composure when dealing with an angry colleague or customer
  • Reduce your stress quickly when interacting with an angry person
  • Improve your interpersonal skills


Section III Address Controlling Behaviour in the Workplace.

The exercises in section III enable you to:

  • identify manipulating behaviour
  • identify the specific kind of controlling behaviour
  • be assertive
  • self-empower



  • Greater awareness to know when you’re being manipulated to protect yourself
  • Assertiveness technique to empower you to speak up for yourself
  • Communication technique to improve interpersonal skills
  • Self-empowerment process to help you take your power back


Section IV Narcissistic Behaviour in the Workplace.

This training will enable you to:

  • identify different kinds of narcissistic behaviour
  • understand how the consequences of different types of narcissism
  • reduce the energy drain and time sink of working with a narcissist
  • establish healthy boundaries



  • Greater awareness of the types of narcissist behaviour to better protect yourself
  • Greater understanding of types of boundaries and how they can be infringed and the harm it can cause when the boundaries are transgressed
  • Communication technique to establish and maintain professional interactions between the narcissist and yourself
  • Improved self-esteem from better management of tense interaction
  • Improved interpersonal skills


Section V Address Unempathetic Behaviour in the Workplace.

The activities in this section teach you how to:

  • take another person's perspective
  • build trust
  • improve communication
  • keep track of your emotions and impressions
  • respect yourself and your point of view



  • Empathy technique to improve interpersonal communication
  • Communication technique to better manage an interaction with an unempathetic person
  • Emotional inventory to improve clarity on your interests
  • Improved relations with colleagues because of better communication


This 107 page self-guided printable course in PDF format will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment.


Course is also available in a 1/2 day and full day interactive workshop. Available in French and in English. Contact me for more details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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