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The “R” in Results: Resiliency


In Section I on Resiliency, you will learn:

  • the process of engaging your environment to learn and adapt


  • when to use resiliency


  • how to deal with setbacks and failures


  • how to overcome setbacks




  • improved and positive mindset when faced with setbacks


  • gain experience from setbacks


  • incorporate experience into next attempt


  • takes the sting out of slow progress


  • accomplish more


  • improved self-esteem by achieving more


Section II Emotional Resiliency

The activities in Section II empower you to:

  • trust your emotions


  • relate your emotions to events


  • identify and overcome learned helplessness


  • overcome the fear of failure



  • higher levels of self-esteem


  • living authentically and true to yourself


  • greater emotional clarity


  • more comfortable in handling emotional ambiguity


  • more comfortable addressing difficult and intense emotions


  • more emotionally grounded


  • fewer extreme emotional swings


Section III Psychological Resiliency

The exercises in this section enable you to:

  • monitor your inner voice


  • stop self-sabotaging behaviours


  • reduce social isolation


  • increase your capacity to engage a problem


  • improve your decision making



  • engage your environment to get support


  • resolve setbacks more effectively


  • reduce stress by seeking more support


  • increase curiosity to gain more information and make decisions


  • increase happiness by having a positive mindset


  • increase achievements by applying a positive disposition


  • positive inner voice boosts self-esteem



Section IV Resilient Communication

The work in this section trains you on:

  • the components of good communication


  • types of stories and how they relate to overcoming a setback


  • how to reframe a negative situation into a positive situation




  • better communicator


  • attract interest in your situation and gain support


  • remain positive


  • communicate for more appropriate support and help


  • be viewed by colleagues as a problem-solver



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