Going to Work Shouldn't Cost You Your Self-Respect



Stop the workplace bully with this self-guided course  


 It's hard explaining to others what you go through each and every single day at work. It's draining always being on guard.

 It's very stressful having to be hyper-vigilant for a bully colleague, always on the look out  for when they yell, insult or belittle you. 

 Working with such a  difficult co-worker just sucks the enthusiasm for your job.

 Others might look at you sideways and say 'just get another job'. You know that's not always easy or straightforward. 


 You don't have to put up with being bullied in the workplace anymore. They are proven techniques and skills that you can apply to better   understand what you are going through and find the courage to act. 


 You can sort through the confusion of thoughts and experiences and learn techniques to constructively reduce the bullying.


 First, you have to decide that you are important. Then you have you decide that you are important enough to do something    about the workplace bullying. And finally, you are in the right mindset to start on the self-guided course.



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