Work Shouldn't Drain You Of Your Enthusiasm and Passion 



From Surviving to Thriving at Work 



Deal with the Toxicity at Work and Shift from Surviving to Thriving at Work


There is a whole range of toxic workplace behaviours that add needless stress in the workplace. Some workplaces are volatile and the stress takes a toll on the employees.


Section I Identifying Toxic Workplace Behaviour

These exercises empower you to

  • sort through your emotions
  • clarify your impressions of stressful situations
  • reduce stress by clearly understanding what you are feeling and why
  • improve your self-control over your responses



Improve your emotional and psychological clarity

  • Make better decisions
  • Learn to identify which events damage your interests and require more of your attention
  • Learn to let go that which is not important to focus on what is important


Section II  Address Anger in the Workplace.

The activities in section II help you:

  • understand different types of anger
  • better control your response to anger and frustration
  • communicate with an angry person



  • Correctly identify the toxic behaviour to take the most appropriate response
  • Maintain your composure when dealing with an angry colleague or customer
  • Reduce your stress quickly when interacting with an angry person
  • Improve your interpersonal skills


Section III Address Controlling Behaviour in the Workplace.

The exercises in section III enable you to:

  • identify manipulating behaviour
  • identify the specific kind of controlling behaviour
  • be assertive
  • self-empower



  • Greater awareness to know when you’re being manipulated to protect yourself
  • Assertiveness technique to empower you to speak up for yourself
  • Communication technique to improve interpersonal skills
  • Self-empowerment process to help you take your power back


Section IV Narcissistic Behaviour in the Workplace.

This training will enable you to:

  • identify different kinds of narcissistic behaviour
  • understand how the consequences of different types of narcissism
  • reduce the energy drain and time sink of working with a narcissist
  • establish healthy boundaries



  • Greater awareness of the types of narcissist behaviour to better protect yourself
  • Greater understanding of types of boundaries and how they can be infringed and the harm it can cause when the boundaries are transgressed
  • Communication technique to establish and maintain professional interactions between the narcissist and yourself
  • Improved self-esteem from better management of tense interaction
  • Improved interpersonal skills


Section V Address Unempathetic Behaviour in the Workplace.

The activities in this section teach you how to:

  • take another person's perspective
  • build trust
  • improve communication
  • keep track of your emotions and impressions
  • respect yourself and your point of view



  • Empathy technique to improve interpersonal communication
  • Communication technique to better manage an interaction with an unempathetic person
  • Emotional inventory to improve clarity on your interests
  • Improved relations with colleagues because of better communication


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